NYC Trip Video Montage!

This weekend I got to travel to New York City for the first time ever with my roomie bff, Lauren. SO MUCH FUN. I firmly believe that one of God’s greatest gifts to me so far in this lifetime was having Lauren as my roommate my first semester of freshman year. It’s sad having part of my heart all the way up in Connecticut (1,018.9 miles apart to be exact), but what a blessing it is to have my heart scattered all throughout the eastern side of the US so I have places to go and people to visit. #SO #BLESSED.

Anyway, I made a cute little video montage of our weekend in NYC. I’m not a videography by any means and I definitely took all these videos on my iPhone, but do it for the mems, am I right?

Love you SO much, Lauren + the rest of the Gerhard fam. Thanks for always keeping your house open to me and allowing me to come and showing me all the great things about New England. Totally makes me a little less bitter to that portion of the country for taking my bff away from me. 😉 Love you overall and underall!!!!