A Letter to the “Normal” World


Dear “Normal” World,

Sometimes you seem really appealing. Sometimes I wish that I was apart of you, but as I was reminded last night, I’m different. And really, I’m okay with that.

Being different from you means that I don’t try to control my weight in unhealthy ways. It means that I don’t have to worry about exercising to burn off my dessert. It means that I don’t have to obsess over calories. I used to do these things, but I don’t have to anymore because I’m different.

I’m honestly really sorry for you, “Normal” World.

You seem so sad and frustrated.

You have such unhealthy relationships with your bodies and with food, but you don’t even see the problem with that. It’s “normal” to you. It’s all part of the “Normal” World.

But I want you to know that you don’t have to hate your body.

You don’t have to exercise everyday of the week to compensate for what you’ve eaten.

You don’t have to check the nutrition label on every food that you eat.

You don’t have to take laxatives to fit into a dress.

You don’t have to skip out on eating carbs because you think that carbs are “evil.”

You don’t have to obsess over what size you wear.

You don’t have to tell yourself that you can’t eat something.

You don’t have to weigh yourself all of the time.

You don’t have to constantly be on a diet just to keep yourself in an unrealistic weight range.

You don’t have to put walls around yourself about what you can and cannot do about your body and what you eat.

I want you to know that you’re free.

You’re free to love yourself, your body, how you look, and who you are as a person.

I’m sorry that it’s normal to have an unhealthy relationship with your body and with food, but I want you to know that you don’t have to be normal in that way.

Dare to love yourself.

Dare to be body positive.

Dare to eat what you want when you want.

I’m not saying that you all have eating disorders, but using superficial ways to keep your body looking a certain way is not healthy.

So please, dare to be happy and healthy.

Healthy is balance.

Healthy is being able to eat cake, but also eating your vegetables and fruit.

Healthy is not feeling like you have to exercise.

Healthy is accepting what your body looks like.

Healthy is buying clothes that fit you, not trying to make your body fit into clothes.

Healthy is not caring about your weight.

Healthy is not comparing.

Healthy is celebrating what your body can do, not criticizing it for what it’s not.

It’s possible to be content with who you are and with what your body looks like.

I dare you to try to find that.

I dare you to step away from what’s normal and begin to have a healthy relationship with who you are.

It’ll change your life.


One thought on “A Letter to the “Normal” World

  1. Love love love this article. This is basically how I live my life. If I want a piece of cake I eat a piece of cake and don’t feel guilty.


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