“fly” – a poem

to learn is to


a caterpillar did not know who it was

until it learned its strength

and became a butterfly.

learning does not diminish who you were before,

but takes you where you are now

and grows you to greater than you have ever been.

i am learning.

i am growing.

i am becoming a better me.

a stronger me.

a more radiant me.

i am sitting,

but now i am learning to crawl.

i am crawling,

but now i am learning to walk.

i am walking,

but now i am learning to run.

i’m still running

because soon i will

learn how to fly.

i’m not there yet,

and i don’t quite have my feet

off the ground,

but i will continue

to run

and to jump

until one day

i learn how to fly.


I wrote this poem during an Expressive Arts group in treatment. It’s not very good, but somehow writing it that day opened so many doors for me. It was like a breakthrough happened in my mind. It’s when I realized that freedom was a process, and it’s okay that I’m not there yet. I’m continually getting closer and closer everyday because I’m constantly learning who I am more and more.




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